Quality works

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned working at Nest, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Levi’s and numerous start-ups all the way back to General Magic and bottled it up for the benefit of our portfolio companies. We’ve learned what to do and, lucky for you, what to avoid.

You’ll quickly realize we push and prod and ask tough questions. It’s how we get you from good to great. But you’ll also see that working with us is immensely rewarding. And fun.

Tony Fadell
With over 300 patents to his name, Tony’s a prolific engineer. He’s also a product guy, marketer, entrepreneur, CEO, author, investor and mentor. As a devoted family man, he wants to leave the world in a better shape for his kids.

Vicky Lu

The lifeblood of the company, keeping everything and everyone moving in sync — across our portfolio, across two continents. She’s your go-to if you don’t know where to go.

David Sloo

David bridges the great divide between complex technology and me, the person. How does this thing fit into my life? What’s it telling me? How do I tell it something? He will guide your journey from successful (or failed!) lab experiments to delightful product experiences.

Anton Oenning

Selling an idea to investors, designing a 360° customer journey, making a brand famous — Anton can help you do these things. He’ll coach you to write the right story, develop powerful creative, and invest your marketing dollars wisely.

Michael Quillinan

As our gatekeeper of all things legal, Mike creates the contractual foundations for our investments. His experience negotiating agreements streamlines the process. His guidance is provided in plain English and sets the stage for productive partnerships.

Elise Houren

Elise will navigate the media and PR world with you to get the best coverage when it matters. Crafting your message, captivating diverse audiences and defining successful communications strategies to effectively achieve distinction and influence, she will help you get there.